The more than two dozen members of Men in Harmony all come from the central region of Pennsylvania, and rehearse in Millersburg, Northern Dauphin County at the Polk Chapel. The men’s group is dedicated to spreading the Gospel through a variety of spirited musical selections ranging from inspirational hymns to traditional songs of faith as well as contemporary Christian music and new arrangements of classical works, all presented in fresh captivating settings. The rich sound of a male chorus is a delight to behold, and one that will be long remembered.


The uniqueness of our group is not simply the sound we produce, but it is our diversity in background, age, theology and experience. We represent more than nine denominations, span in age from teens to eighties, and yet come together on the singular unity of Christ Jesus our Lord. We encourage and welcome all male vocalists with a commitment to a Christian life to sing with us.

Starting with only a handful of men meeting in a living room, the idea for a men’s choral group quickly caught on. A director and an accompanist were soon found. June of 2000 became the starting point of what is now a thriving ministry of men in central Pennsylvania. Men in Harmony is the premier mens’ chorus providing concerts all over the central and eastern part of the state.


Singing 2 and 4 part harmony, we strive to blend our individual voices to produce a pleasant and entertaining sound to our audiences. But, entertainment is not the ultimate goal. Our desire is to use our voices in ministry through the music we produce. By showing our love and worship through the lyrics and melodies, we want to enlighten believers and reach those who do not yet have a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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